Dr John &
Rev'd Elizabeth McIntosh

Award winning authors, Dr John and Eli McIntosh provide innovative techniques called “Positive Mindfulness Cognition™” that are proven by research to increase mental resilience by 30%, optimism scores by 15% and provide Suicide Prevention strategies. The strategies also create positive workplace cultures with enthusiastic, productive staff and eliminate toxic workplaces.

Dr John and Eli McIntosh are famous, international award winning medical specialists and leaders in their field. Their unique combination of skills created “Positive Mindfulness Cognition™” that has been used in multiple industries around the world with dramatic personal, financial and health benefits. They have also been involved in international aid and humanitarian roles over the decades and are happy to share these life-changing processes to the broader community and hope that they are taken up in every workplace!

Mental illness is the fastest growing area for Workcover claims, costing Australian businesses $11Billion per year, affecting one in five people with 8 suicide deaths every day in Australia. The strategies discussed in this book deliver solutions to help protect and prevent these events.

Innovative techniques are provided that eliminate interpersonal conflict, gossip, sarcasm and denigration from the workplace and give managers exciting new strategies to harness the full potential of all their staff in positive and supportive ways.


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